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💥 The 4 Week Reboot 💥

Nu Yu Fitness 4 Week Reboot.png

❓ Feeling a little 'softer' thanks to one too many lockdowns?

❓ Lacking the motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

❓ Lost all sense of routine when it comes to health and fitness?

❓ Struggling to keep active during the cold, dark months?

❓ Unsure how to make changes so good habits stick for life?

❓ Desperate for a kick-start to a fitter, healthier and happier you?

❓ Looking for bespoke 1-2-1 coaching without paying the earth?

❓ Need that all important accountability to reach your goals?


Then my 4 Week Reboot is for you! 👉

❌ This is NOT an extreme weight loss programme or an intensive fast track diet. If that's what you're looking for then this programme is NOT for you!


✅ This is about learning the fundamental steps needed for establishing life-long habits and feeling in control of your health and fitness once again, all from the comfort of your own home.

Here's what you get on my 4 Week Reboot:

✔️ Access to an online portal via a free app for access on the go

✔️ 4 weeks of suggested meal plans and online recipe pack

✔️ Coaching on behaviour changes to establish good habits

✔️ Bespoke nutritional guidance specific to your goals

✔️ Online Daily Activity Tracker for visual accountability

✔️ Weekly check-ins, goal setting and progress reviews

✔️ Body composition measurements and progress tracking*

✔️ Bespoke calorie and macro calculations

✔️ Regular food diary reviews via My Fitness Pal

✔️ 24/7 support from your Reboot coach Louise

✔️ Daily activities and home workouts

✔️ 1-2-1 coaching without the 1-2-1 prices

✔️ Discounted access to online female-only fitness classes

*body composition measurements if local to Windsor, Berkshire

Nu Yu Fitness 4 Week Reboot.png

The cost of my 4 Week Reboot is only £99. 

That's just £3.50 a day!

For the daily cost of a takeaway coffee (minus the calories), you will feel fitter, more in control and happier in just 4 short weeks.

If you're ready to Reboot your life and learn the tools, techniques and habits needed to succeed then join me by clicking the button below 👇

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