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My Weight Loss Journey To Happiness


This was me aged 26 (and my cat Trixie 🐈 R.I.P).


Unconfident and overweight with an unhealthy relationship with food and a hatred towards any kind of exercise. I hated how I looked in the mirror and would rarely have pictures taken of me (it took forever to dig this picture out as I just don't have any. I even had to ask my best friend Alison to try and find one with no luck!!)


I would yo-yo between eating hardly anything and feeling crap to eating too much and feeling crap. I'd dread social situations and hated wearing 'going out' clothes. I hated my chunky thighs & bum, small boobs and flabby arms.


In fact - it got so bad I even went under the knife and opted for cosmetic surgery, getting myself in debt in the process (but I'll save this story for another time). 😊


This went on until my early 30's and I knew I had to change. No diet had worked, I still hated exercise and I knew I had to do something different if I was going to get out of this cycle.

So in 2013 I took a leap and became a Personal Trainer which was life changing. I developed a love for weights, understood nutrition for the first time and finally found a purpose in life: to help other women break the yo-yo diet cycle and find happiness too ❤️


Why am I sharing all this? Because my past and my struggles have made me the person I am today and it's why I am passionate about helping others.


It doesn't matter how much you've struggled or for how long - there's always a way out. You've just not found it yet. For me it was the power of learning and having someone guide me. I had to know the WHY behind eating healthy and moving more to 'buy in' to doing it.


So find your passion and learn what motivates you to change. And know your deep down WHY you want to change. If you have these, change becomes so much easier, I promise.

And if you need help, drop me a message.

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