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THE 12 week TRANSFORMATIONAL WEIGHT LOSS coaching programme for sustainable RESULTS

How My Client Josie Lost 7lbs In Just 6 Weeks!

How My Client Josie Lost 7lbs In Just 6 Weeks!

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I have a unique 12 week coaching programme designed to help women break free from yo-yo dieting, lose 12lbs + for good and finally feel happy and confident in their clothes without dieting, deprivation, counting calories or relying on willpower.

To achieve sustainable weight loss you need 3 things:

Food & Fitness Fundamentals

With so much conflicting information available on the internet, it’s no wonder you feel confused about the ‘right’ way to eat and exercise!

My programme will cut through the crap and deliver the fundamental key principles needed to ensure your meals and movement support your weight loss goal.

This will finally take the guesswork out of your diet for good and give you full confidence in your choices.

Behaviour Change & A Different Mindset

This is the missing piece in your weight loss puzzle and what makes my programme unique.

The key to weight loss is building awareness and understanding around the current behaviours, eating habits and daily actions that have led you to gain or regain weight in the first place and have uncontrollable urges and cravings for 'bad' food.

Without this clarity, sustainable weight loss is impossible.

This is exactly why the plans and diets you’ve followed before have failed to provide permanent results.


Consistency is vital for sustainable weight loss.

If you cannot stay consistent with the changes you make, you will find yourself failing the diet you committed to.

This leaves you believing over and over again that you are a failure.

That you will never be capable of losing weight and keeping it off.

YOU are not the failure.

The diet is.

They are simply not designed to be sustainable for longer than a few weeks or months at most.

We all lead busy lives. Which is why throughout my programme, you will follow my foolproof S.E.S (Simple, Enjoyable, Sustainable) approach to weight loss.

This unique concept applies the principle that in as little as 5 minutes a day, you can transform your life, your body and your negative thoughts permanently.

This ensures that every step you take on my programme will have you moving forward consistently, resulting in permanent lifestyle changes and you hitting that goal easily.

client success stories

Emma P.jpeg

Emma P, Derby

"I've had some long overdue quality me time including a catch up with Louise and am going to make the most of this week.....because I know this is working for me. On Friday I weighed myself and was 10lbs lighter than when I signed up for this (programme)!"


Kathleen, Windsor

"6lb down!

Whoop whoop!

I can't quite believe that it's down and I'm not on a restrictive diet.

Thank you so much for meeting with me a few weekends ago. It was just what I needed."

✔️ Here’s why my programme works:

It works because it’s NOT a diet.

It WON’T leave you feeling miserable, hungry, deprived or like losing weight is all-consuming.

It WILL provide you with the vital components needed for permanent weight loss and renewed body confidence.

Components that those fad-diet or quick fix programmes you’ve tried before fail to include.

It works by giving you the long-term solution to your pain rather than a short-term quick fix.

These quick fix solutions only serve to mask the deep-rooted issues that caused your weight loss struggles in the first place.

✔️ Here’s why it’s different:

My programme is different because it’s designed for women by a women who’s also been through the pain and struggles you’re experiencing.

It teaches you how to lose weight without it consuming your life.

And it gives you the tools and awareness you need to sustain that weight loss for good.

Which is something all the previous diets you’ve tried fail to provide.

By following my programme, you’ll achieve life-long weight loss and never have to think about another diet again.

✔️ Here’s what you should do:

Are you:

⛔ Fed up with the all-consuming feelings of failure from constant dieting?

⛔ Sick of feeling unhappy and self conscious in your clothes?

⛔ Ready to lose the weight for good and love what you see in the mirror?

Then book at FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call and find out how my programme can transform your life and your body for GOOD.

"I met Louise back in January. After just five weeks of making lots of small changes to my routine, I’ve now started to see the results I’ve been looking for.

I’ve discovered lots about eating enough of the right foods and easy ways to increase my activity in the day!


Louise is such a great mentor and is always a text away to check in. Couldn’t recommend her enough, bring on the next 5 weeks!"

Ciara, Windsor

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