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Client Success Stories | Testimonials

Natasha Dec 21.jpg

Natasha, Langley

"My first session with Louise was 7 weeks postpartum. We worked on a nutritional plan which has completely changed my relationship with food for the better, no fad diet just a complete understanding of food and what is going to keep me fuller and benefit me more.


I'm still eating whatever I want but with a completely different mindset which makes me make better choices.


The results have spoken for themselves and I feel so proud of where I have come. I didn’t just want to do this for me but also so I could be there for my kids, play and run with them, feel more active and strong.


Louise keeps me on track, checks in with me and gives me a ton of advice to become the best version of myself."

Natasha has lost 12kg and 26.5 inches.

Ciara Head Shot.jpg

Ciara, Windsor

"I met Louise back in January. After just five weeks of making lots of small changes to my routine, I’ve now started to see the results I’ve been looking for.

I’ve discovered lots about eating enough of the right foods and easy ways to increase my activity in the day!


Louise is such a great mentor and is always a text away to check in. Couldn’t recommend her enough, bring on the next 5 weeks!"

Ciara is part way through a 20 week coaching programme and has so far lost 3.7kg of fat, 2.9% body fat at 6.25 inches.

Laura Back Oct 21.jpg

Laura, Windsor

"Having two under two, it’s hard for me to find time to do anything! However every day I’ve just tried to make healthy choices. And it doesn’t always work - there are days where I haven’t had a minute to use the toilet never mind cook dinner so we have a takeaway, but I don’t get bogged down in that and just try better the next day.


Trying to fit exercise in is perhaps even harder but on Louise’s recommendation I’m trying to aim for just 5 minutes a day and anything more is a bonus. Knowing Louise is always there when I need a little pep talk and to keep me on the straight on narrow has been such a help and I’m hoping to achieve a lot more under her expert guidance!"

In our 12 weeks of working together, Laura has lost 24kg and 30 inches!


Alex, Windsor

"I contacted Louise in early January 2021, wanting a kick start with my fitness routine and help to improve my eating habits. 

Louise was great at understanding what my goals were across the 5 training sessions. After the 5 week block of personal training, I am now eating better, and have a regular exercise routine back in place.

Louise has been an incredible support, trainer, and mentor, and I would not hesitate to approach her again in the future if I needed help! Thank you Lou!"

Sandy BBB Challenge 2019.png

Sandy, Windsor

"I took part in the 21 Day Challenge last summer and it really kick-started a regular exercise regime as well as a healthier lifestyle. The support and guidance throughout those 3 weeks were invaluable and I am pleased to say that almost a year on I have managed to keep up the good work.


I feel so much stronger and fitter than I ever have done, and I am now actively looking forward to exercise."

Sandy has now gone on to lose a total of 14kg and 36"!!!

Mel Back.jpg

Melissa, Windsor

"I've had such a battle with injuries and weight gain and a lack of body positivity that sometimes it's easier just to bury your head in the sand and pretend it's not there highlighting it to myself and others made me really anxious and I'm so glad my other half made me bite the bullet and do it.

Not only do I feel stronger and less wobbly, but I have met some of the most wonderful and supportive ladies who have kept us all motivated and ploughing through. It's massively boosted my thoughts on my own body and I have felt less anxious than I have in months.

I can't thank Lou & Beth enough for all their help and support."

Melissa has lost a huge 13.25" and 2.6kg of fat so far through my 21 Day Fitness Challenge and Beautcamp classes.


Gabby, Windsor

"I met Louise at the beginning of the year and decided to join the 21 Day January Challenge. This turned out to be the best decision I've made in a long time!

With Louise's continued support I've managed to make sustainable lifestyle changes over the past 2 months that I didn't think were possible.

I now really enjoy exercise and have built it into my weekly routine.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few months can bring."

5 weeks into her coaching programme and Gabby has lost a total of 4.4kg of fat, 3.8% body fat and 9.25 inches.

Julia Brogan.jpg

Julia, Windsor

Julia has been with my Beautcamp for over 2 years now and has lost 17kg!

She has become fitter, stronger and healthier and has a regular exercise routine.

She is now happy with her weight and her focus is now building strength and muscle tone.


Jess, Windsor

"Louise is, quite simply, an excellent personal trainer. 

I started training with Louise 10 weeks after the birth of my son. 

Louise designed a programme for me that was achievable yet challenging, and she regularly refined it to maximise the loss of my ‘baby weight’.


Louise was the only person to check my abdominal muscles for diastasis recti, neither my doctor nor my midwife had discussed this with me. In fact I did have some separation between my abs. Louise gave me a simple programme of exercises to perform every other day and that resolved the issue.  

I trained with Louise twice a week and within about 5 months I was back to pre-baby weight. 


On the nutritional side Louise was also incredibly informative. 

Louise is an inspiring, hugely knowledgeable and caring trainer. I cannot recommend her, and my experience of training with her, more highly."


Samantha S, Cramlington

"My daily need of chocolate has subsided which is what I wanted to kerb as this happened over December and I was needing chocolate everyday and wanting more as a result! Feel tighter and more toned up too!! I have continued to fill in my food diary every day for a whole year apart from a few days but this is the main reason for me managing to keep weight off.

I have lost 31lbs in total which I could not have done without your help, advice and support! And thanks to my sister for encouraging me to do the 21 day challenge last year and continued support too!"


Arti S, West Drayton

I worked with Arti for just under a year and with a determination to be proud of, went on to lose a whopping 14.8kg, 10.9% body fat and 42 inches!


 Arti worked incredibly hard over the year we worked together and got to the point where she felt confident and happy enough to continue with her good habits on her own. I couldn't ask for anything more of Arti.

Since finishing with me, Arti went on to lose even more body fat and is back to the weight she wants to be.

Well done Arti!

Victoria Roe Aug - Nov 20 #2.png

Victoria R, Windsor

Victoria joined my Beautcamp in summer 2020, has lost 12.5 inches and made huge changes to her diet and fitness.

"I feel more energised, less stressed, the whole family are eating cleaner and I no longer crave sugar or feel hungry all the time! I was grabbing crisps & junk food as hadn’t planned meals in the way that I now do.

I feel so much better as a result of exercising and eating well and just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for everything you do - you are awesome people and are really motivating.

I’m going to keep going on my journey, going back is not an option. I really can’t thank you enough, keep doing what you’re doing, you are amazing!"


Henri A, Windsor

Henri lost a staggering 20.5" in just 3 weeks on my 3 week intensive fat loss programme run through my Beautcamp. She is over the moon with the results!


Here's what Henri had to say:

“I've got the Beautcamp bug! Challenging but fun workouts, working at your own level with great trainers to support you and help you get the most out of it. Four weeks in I'm feeling stronger and fitter. Give it a go!"


Kirsty Kelly, Windsor

"Hi Louise! I wanted to drop you a message to say a HUGE thank you for all your help before the wedding. I felt so good on the day, and just by toning up I felt a lot more confident with my body. I learnt so much about my diet from you and also couldn't believe how much fitter and energised I felt.


I have to share this photo with you, this was the proud moment when I looked at myself in the mirror in my dress on the day xxx"

Zoe Desousa 1yr Transformation.png

Zoe Desousa, Ascot

Zoe came to Nu Yu with a 1yr goal to change her lifestyle completely.


Overweight and starting from scratch, Personal Trainer Louise worked with Zoe steadily and slowly to get her to her goals at a pace Zoe was comfortable maintaining.


In just 12mths Zoe lost 12.4kg, 7.6% body fat and 33 inches off her body.


Zoe is still maintaining her results today and remains active through her love of Crossfit and Triathlons. Well done Zoe!

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