❌ DON'T Do This If You Want To Lose Weight

The internet is confusing.

There are a million diets at our fingertips. Conflicting advice on what we should do to lose weight. And none of it sounds much fun, right? Which is why I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips on what NOT to do to lose weight. So you can ditch the confusion and actually not dread the thought of losing weight! 1️⃣ DON’T Eat Less What’s the No. 1 thing we do to lose weight? Cut calories.

ALOT. And this is killing your weight loss goals! Eating too little is like pressing the pause button ⏸️ on your weight loss results. Sure - to lose weight you need to be eating less calories than you burn each day. But not to the extreme! So rather than cut your calories to the point you’re living off salad and water, eat a little more of the good stuff, a little less of the processed stuff and give your body the fuel it needs to function and it will soon reward y